This is a written agreement between LHR Finance and
referred herein as customer. This agreement will be put in effect once the customer’s signature is recorded at the bottom of this agreement. LHR Finance agrees to lend customer $720 for a period of 6 months. The customer agrees to repay the loan back to LHR Finance in bi-weekly/monthly installments of $60.00/$120.00 as indicated belowThe customer agrees to allow LHR Finance to draft the 12 bi-weekly payments of $60.00 or 6 monthly payments of $120, directly from customer’s debit or credit card as indicated on the following dates. The first down payment of $79 will be collected by Sterling Credit Group after consulting, reviewing, verifying information and ordering credit reports.

Enter Payment Details and Draft Dates

IMPORTANT: Payment will NOT be processed until we verify the information on your application, set up your file and order your 3 credit reports.

Type of card (select one)
Dates to draft:

IMPORTANT: For 12 bi-weekly payments, you must complete all 12 payment dates below.  For 6 monthly payments, complete only the first 6 payment dates below.

Customer Information:
Name, phone number and relationship of two relatives not living with you:
I authorize Sterling Credit Group and LHR Finance to charge/ debit my account for the selected service for the amounts and dates shown.